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Hotel Reception


  • How many can ride in a WheelSuite?
    There are seats with seat-belts for two (2) riders in a WheelSuite and four (4) in the GrandSuite while vehicle is in motion. While our vans are designed to be the perfect hang-out spot, your friends will have to meet you there. When your WheelSuite is parked, feel free to invite your guests in for a meeting over a meal, with music, games, and whatever else you bring!
  • Is there a shower?
    Yes! Every vroom is equipped with a heated indoor shower, an outdoor shower in the back, and a bonus sink-faucet that is accessible at the side-door.
  • Is there air-conditioning and heating?
    Yes. Vrooms are ready to handle any season with thermostat controlled air-conditioning and heating. In addition, we've added a quiet Maxx-air fan for superb airflow and increased comfort. Our off-grid ready set up charges multiple ways (solar, while driving, and shore-power) to keep your vroom comfortable however you need.
  • Does a bear poop in the woods?
    Yes, but you don't have to... every Hotel Vroom suite includes a private enclosed bathroom and toilet with electric flush.
  • Where and when do I pick up my WheelSuite?
    We currently offer pick up locations in Michigan (Detroit) and New Jersey (Jersey City, Trenton/Princeton) included as a part of your standard booking fees. Delivery to select locations available. Due to NY State Regulation, we are currently unable to offer delivery to NY, but are happy to arrange transportation to/from our Jersey City location. We are working to resolve this in the near future. Coming from NYC or Philly? Our New Jersey pick up locations are conveniently accessible via public transportation or ride-share. During your booking process, please include your preferred city location and we will send you the exact address upon confirmation. Alternatively, we will offer drop off and pick up from your desired location (within our service area) for an additional $150 one time fee. The pick up and drop off location will be confirmed prior to requesting the additional fee. Want to start somewhere else, one way trips, other special requests? Reach out to our concierge and we'll do our best to accommodate you. Check out our locations page for more details.
  • How do I unlock my wheelsuite?
    Upon arrival you will be granted access to a code which will give you the ability to unlock a bluetooth lock box which stores the traditional key to the WheelSuite. Our guests will then have full access to the entire Vroom and will be able to access the instructional check in process for the rest of your trip from inside the WheelSuite.
  • How do I say goodbye to my WheelSuite?
    First you start to think about your next vacation with WheelSuites. Then, you ensure that you have left the WheelSuite with a full tank of gas. Next, you’ll want to ensure that you have searched the vehicles for all your contents and left the living quarters in an orderly clean fashion. Complete the video checkout process with the Suites' iPad or your own device to scan the interior and exterior of the van and document the vehicle condition returned in the same condition as check-in. Once complete, send the checkout video to Butler Bear (, lock the van, and place the keys back in the bluetooth lockbox.
  • If I regretfully have to cancel my trip, what is the cancellation policy?
    Sometimes things change, for issues with your reservation, reach out to Our cancellation policy is as follows: For cancellation of a Vehicle rental made more than fourteen (14) days prior to the beginning of the applicable Rental Period, Hotel Vroom will refund one-hundred percent (100%) of all Booking Fees and Security Deposits paid in connection with such rental, less payment processing fees (up to 5%). For cancellation of a Vehicle rental made less than fourteen (14) days prior to the beginning of the applicable Rental Period, Hotel Vroom will refund only the "Refundable Security Deposit". As a courtesy, Hotel Vroom will make fifty-percent (50%) of all remaining Fees paid in connection with such cancellation available as a credit towards a future rental. Future rental credits will expire 365 days from the start date of the original canceled Rental Period.
  • How do I get insurance for my trip?
    Upon your booking confirmation, we will send you a request for documentation of your license, insurance policy, and a few other details. While your insurance is primary, Hotel Vroom provides additional comprehensive insurance coverage covers the Guest and the Host up to $1 million for liability and up to $200,000 for damages through our insurance partner. The coverage only applies to the rental period. The coverage starts the moment the reservation starts at Check-In and ends at the end of the rental period at Check-Out. Coverage extends to you and any listed additional drivers. If there is a loss, the Guest pays the $2,500 deductible for the loss, which is stated on the check-in form. Only transaction processed and checked-in and checked-out on our platform will be covered by our comprehensive insurance coverage* Our rental coverage covers travel throughout the United States and Canada, for those with valid US or Canadian driver's license.
  • How does the security deposit work?
    Your security deposit will be collected upon completion of your reservation. These fees will be applied to any damages, stolen property, parking tickets, or any travel violations that result in a financial burden to Hotel Vroom. Should there be no incidents of that quality, your full security deposit will be returned after completing the checkout process.
  • What should I expect after my booking?
    After your booking, we will send you a confirmation email with the request for documentation surrounding your drivers insurance. We will ask you a little more about your trip in order to customize a few suggestions for your vacation. We will provide you with a video tour and instructions on how to operate all aspects of your Vroom. As your trip gets closer, we will provide you with additional instructions on how to check in and utilize all the custom amenities provided with your reservation.
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